mental waste


I don’t ever do this, but I needed to write this out and get it off of my chest so that I don’t lose my fucking mind and rip my fucking face off. 

SO, your boyfriend lives in our apartment 5 or 6 days out of the week, rent/utility free, for 5 months. Then he moves in permanently, takes over the whole fucking house, pays rent for a couple of months, then looses his job. He still pays rent, but sits his ass on the couch and smokes weeds and plays video games all day every day for 8, going on 9 months.    So now you’re fucking struggling because his unemployment check only covers his portion of the rent and his weed and video games and cable. You really think it’s okay to come to me and tell me I should be paying half of the rent instead of 1/3 because my boyfriend of 6 months sleeps over 2 or 3 times a week. He doesn’t live here, he doesn’t shower here, he brings his own food to eat here and, like me, doesn’t get to use the living room at ALL. We sit in my room and only come out when we have to use the bathroom, or to quickly cook some food which we then eat in my room because you both take over the whole couch and your boyfriend got rid of the dinner table to make more room for his tv and fucking obnoxious, piece of shit surround sound system. You actually think it’s not fair that you guys are paying 2/3 of the rent? REALLY?! My pets can’t even leave my room because of your monster dog…and you also expect me to feel bad for him because he actually got off his ass and worked for 12 hours…WOW! 12 hours in the past 9 months?! poor you! You then tell me I should pay 1/2 cuz I was gonna pay half if we had kicked him out anyway, so I should just pretend like he’s gone? GUESS WHAT?! HE’S NOT FUCKING GONE. HE’S STILL MAKING MY LIFE A LIVING HELL. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? So when I refused that but, because I’m a much better friend than you, offered to help out with your portion of the bills when I could, you later sent your PIECE OF SHIT, SOCIOPATHIC DICK of a boyfriend to come at me with his passive aggressive bullshit demanding that we split all of the utilities four ways from now on until I leave in august. YOU ARE A FUCKING CLOWN. I was going to try to help you assholes out more than just having my boyfriend pay 1/4 of the utilities, but you can thank your idiot boyfriend for fucking that up. You just earned yourself an extra 40$ a month. Way to go. I also can’t believe he would bring up the fact that I owe him money after he broke something very valuable of mine, nevermind the fact that I payed for half of the couch he sits his ass on every fucking day and I’m leaving this shit hole without getting my deposit back….he is one of two people in the whole world I can confidently say I hate. On top of all of that, you both bitched about the dishes always piling up, but now the only dirty dishes piling up in the sink are YOURS! and you leave pots full of old meat sitting out on the counter for days, and rice in the rice cooker until it turns fucking green. You knock my shit off the side of the sink into the trash can and just leave it there. Your boyfriend puts shit covered wipes in the trash! thats fucking gross!!! FLUSH THAT SHIT, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Thank you for fucking me over, so called “friend”. Have fun living with your emotionally and physically abusive boyfriend without me to save you every time your arguments get too heated. Once I leave this shit hole, I never want to see either of you selfish, psychotic assholes EVER AGAIN. FUCK YOU BOTH. I’M DONE!!!